31 May 2012

Matryoshkas and Gnomes and Folklore Crafts (Oh, my!)

Folklore Crafts: Matryoshka
Folklore Crafts: Garden Gnomes
Not so long ago, the cool people at Fabulous Publishing approached me about including Matryoshka Japonais in their Folklore Crafts: Matryoshka book. And now they've published it along with another Folklore Crafts book on Garden Gnomes. Each book contains thirteen patterns in a variety of crafts (knitting, crochet, embroidery, stamping, needle-felting, printables, etc.). There are even costumes to make! Both books are available from MagCloud in printed and digital form. Check them out!
Matryoshka costume
Gnome Cupcake Toppers
Matryoshka Japonais

A couple of months ago I knitted up a new set of Matryoshka Japonais, so Isobel could finally have her own. Next week (when I get past some deadlines - ack) I'll assemble them here on the blog so you can see a little bit of one of these Folklore Crafts in action.

If you would like a chance to win your own Folklore Crafts book, go "like" FabPub's Facebook page and leave me a comment here. I'll randomly select a winner for each book, and those cool people at FabPub will send it to you!

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