27 March 2012

Trunk Show report

OMG! The trunk show was so much fun. I love the ladies of Yarns in the Farms dearly, and it was such a treat to hang out with them Friday afternoon and meet a bunch of their customers. I was so happy to show off some of my hard work, talk to a variety of real knitters, and sell some patterns and booklets. Since I spend so much time knitting on my own and/or in my own head, the best (and most tiring) part was interacting with people who are (almost) as excited about knitting and yarn as I am. Here are a couple of shots of the table:

Avast No. 1 trunk show at Yarns in the Farms
Walk the Plank, Aphros, Infinite, Babe in the Mist, Matryoshka Japonais and lots of yummy yarn options

My lovely model is sporting the Night Watch Cap (which photographs so dark but has lovely highlights IRL) and Captain Austen's Scarf. And there's the printed version of Avast No. 1! The printing came out very nicely (the art director in me was very nervous, since copies arrived the day before we left for Boston), and I'm quite happy with MagCloud. So happy, in fact, that I've set up a shop over there where you can purchase printed versions of all my patterns and have them mailed to you. It's pretty cool.

Here's the first one, the Avast No. 1 booklet. More to follow shortly!
Avast No. 1
Avast No. 1: Avast No. 1
Avast No. 1 eight patterns for piratical knitters by Kathleen DamesThis colorful, 24 page booklet contains eight patterns, helpful notes, charts, and written instructions. Suitable for the adventurous beginner or any experienced knitter. Patterns include: Aphros - a lace stole suitab…

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