13 January 2010

Hat's Off

I've had to set aside "Off with her head" (working title for the King Charles Brocade sweater -- hehe) for a little while to knit up a new hat for Nick. Yes, I did knit him one for his birthday, but, sadly, it rode off in a cab last week, and Nick has been a little forlorn ever since. We went to buy some more yarn for it last week (Berocco's Ultra Alpaca), and Nick insisted it be in the same color. "I just want the exact same hat" may have been uttered. Now he understands why I always looked askance at him when he put on his acrylic Bears hat (nothing against the Bears, of course), but a ribbed alpaca watch cap with a wide brim to pull down around the ears and back of neck is much cozier than any piece of logo gear.

In working on the cap, I've been reminded of how I'm not very keen on production knitting. I can't decide if I'm more of a process or product knitter (probably a bit of both, as I love exploring new techniques but also like wearing or giving away the end result), but knitting the same thing over and over again is not my thing these days. In part I'm sure that's because right now I have so many good (or at least I think they're good) ideas I want to work up.

There's more I wanted to write about today, but the munchkin is warbling from her room -- naptime's over.

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