02 July 2009

Ravelry Eye Candy

I may have lost a day (or five) to this Project search. I *know* that Ravelry is filled with tons of creative knitters and crocheters, but the amount of original stuff is pretty amazing.

I have four almost-FOs to share, but the BSJ needs its buttons, the (original design) sweater is rolling at the bottom hem and *something* must be done about it before sharing, the socks need to be picot-ed (right now they have a ribbed top, which is bleah), and Dad's belated Father's Day present needs it's ends woven in and some thought given to its photo.

So, I'm about to start the charts on Ishbel. I love the Malabrigo Lace (now called Baby Lace, apparently) and hope to squeak a large one out of this skein as other Ravelers have done.

Go check out that eye candy, and if you're not a Raveler yet, what are you waiting for? Apparently, sign-ups are being processed on the same day now, so no waiting.

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