14 February 2008


So, I got smug the other day that the weather in NYC has been so much more amenable than in the Midwest and New England, as if Mother Nature were confirming the wisdom of our move. And then we got a snow storm on Tuesday, which changed to rain as I was walking back from my new knitting group at Yarntopia. It's nice to have found a new group, though I miss the ladies at Yarns in the Farms. It made me realize that I need some woolly mittens (Anemoi or something bulkier?) and some sock yarn gloves with all the gorgeous sock yarn I've amassed in the last year even though I don't like knitting socks. Heresy, I know.

But rather than cast on something to keep an extremity warm (I could also use some other scarves to go with various winter gear and maybe a hat or two), I cast on a Swallowtail Shawl with that Intenso Malabrigo lace I bought at Close Knit in the fall. I will take pictures tomorrow. I will. I will. I will. Seriously.

And I'm working on my brother's EPS Raglan Sweater (his Christmas present - he got a bag of yarn) in more Malabrigo. Yum. It's in the Paris Night colorway, which is the same one I used to make my mom's laceweight Clapotis way back when. The color is amazing - grey, purple, navy, black - just gorgeous. I've got one sleeve done (my usual knit-in-the-round gauge swatch) and am slogging my way up the body, having knit up about four inches.

So, the lace work takes the edge off all that stockinette.

But the big excitement is that Nick bought me an Expedit bookcase to house the stash. I need more boxes/baskets to corral everything, but it is very exciting to have all the yarn and books and mags and tools and whatnot in one spot.

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