03 September 2007

Likey Zephyr

That Zephyr DK is seriously yummy. The silk just gleams. I'm almost through the first sleeve, and then I'll be able to block it to be super-sure I've gotten the gauge I want (on US6s). There will be more projects in this yarn in the future. But I'm back from a weekend in Door County so need to get back to the Cobblestone - thank goodness for air-conditioning in Wilmette as a lap-ful of alpaca is a bit much, even in the balmy weather up nort'.

And I've just joined another KAL. When did I turn into such a joiner? Who knows. Anyway, Keri started a new gang for knitted mitts and wristers Fingerless Mitts for Fall, and I've decided it's time to do some colorwork so am going to knit up Eunny's Endpaper Mitts. Maybe once I accomplish those I'll feel up to doing her Anemois, which are so pretty.

Some Douceur et Soie may have come home with me in a stormy teal colorway from Easy Stitchin' in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. Just reporting the facts.


  1. The endpapers will be gorgeous - can't wait to see them! And thanks for joining and the mention! =)

  2. HEY! I think I can COMMENT now, I had a problem before with my own synaptic dysfunctions, as a woman in the throes of vaso-motor instability. Ick. Anyway, I can't believe you are tackling the endpapers! I am making the Urban Hand Warmers from Folk Style, of course they call for needle-felting.... Oh and have you seen the new Interweave book, Best of? GREAT. I am off to France with sister Lou, knitting retreat with Annie Modisett... ohlala... Hey want ot go on the Knitini Adventure Knitting in Belize? YITF hits the road Feb 23...


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