12 June 2007

Laughing Rat Yarn

It's my yarn, Mommy!

Lace Merino in Robin's Egg

Sock in Pacific

Mohair in Robin's Egg

Aren't they beautiful!?! I'm tempted to make these stash pets, but I can't wait to start knitting them up. I think I'm going to use the lace for an Icarus, the mohair for a Sheila Cape, and the sock yarn for, perhaps, socks. I know, what a crazy idea.

Only problem is I'm not keen on hand-winding 1200yds of laceweight, and my swift and ballwinder are in Gloucester. I'm thinking about getting a Nifty Swift, since I don't love the swift I have (it's one of those metal and plastic ones that clamp to the table). Anyone order from Dream Weaver Yarns?

Be sure to check out Laughing Rat's Etsy shop. Her yarns are beautiful, and her customer service was great.

I love the smell of mohair!


  1. OK, the yarn is beautiful, but your girl is soooo cute! Especially in the first picture, it just makes me think it should be illegal to be that cute ...

  2. Oh that yarn is beautiful - wow! The colors are just popping off my screen. =)


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