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14 December 2012

Falala 2012 #6: Sleeven

When I have some time to knit something for myself, I'm going to try a Contiguous Method sweater, like Sleeven. Top-down knitting has never really clicked for me, but I think I'd like this method, since I like the tailored look of set-in sleeves but don't like seaming. I know lots of people love knitting pieces and seaming and all that, and there are definitely advantages (you can work on one piece at a time without having to carry around a whole sweater, seams can add stability, etc.), but I love the physical flexibility of seamless sweaters. And even though I've advanced my seaming technique, I'd rather not when I don't have to. So check out Sleeven or one of Ankestrick's other lovely patterns that use the Contiguous Method. Sleeven pattern is $6.07 (4.50 EUR).

07 December 2012

Falala 2012 #5: Ripley

This is one of my favorite patterns. Ripley is quick to knit in the called-for bulky weight yarn for an adult, and I've been able to adapt it to smaller heads in worsted for my girls*. Ysolda is a talented designer, and I always appreciate her new take on a technique (you begin with the lace edging for this one and then elegantly pick up the stitches and knit the hat). Ripley is 3.75GBP (a little over $6 at this time), but I recommend springing for the entire Whimsical Little Knits 2 ebook for 9GBP, which will give you a number of other patterns to choose from for gifts (hats, mitts, toys, etc.)

*I'll get a picture of the three of us this weekend for you - one of the little joys of having girls.

Falala 2012 #4: Wee Sheep

The fourth holiday pattern is beyond cute and comes from Susan B. Anderson, a great knitted toy designer. This little sheep (make a black one for that special person in your life) makes a great ornament or gift for the knitter or shepherd in your life. Wee Sheep pattern is $4.50.

04 December 2012

Falala 2012 #3: Armas

There may be time (if you're a quick knitter) to whip up a lovely pullover for the special man (or woman) in your life. Mari Muinonen/tikru designed Armas, which means "beloved" in Finnish, for a bulky weight yarn. When I was visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, I enjoyed using a blankie I knit up in Cascade's Eco Wool, so I highly recommend it as a yarn choice for this pullover. Armas is also part of Mari's pattern book Hold Your Needles, so you could knit something for just about everyone on your list.

03 December 2012

Falala 2012 #1: My Deer

I have a little catch up to do, here, so you will find three Falala posts today! In previous years I've had a theme (free, independent designers), but this year I'm just going with whatever strikes my fancy, so some patterns will be gift ideas and some will be to queue for a reward to yourself after the gift knitting is complete.

First up: My Deer - a deer trophy - an adorable, clever, free pattern for a knitted and fulled deer head trophy from the talented Claire Garland. This is perfect for the vegan OR hunter on your list, or anyone in between!

My Deer knitted trophy
My Deer (pattern by Claire Garland)
I knit mine up in one day with some Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Taupe from the good people at Three Bags Full, and then threw it in with the towels in the wash (I tried it with the "warm" wash, but it really needed "hot" to full). I think I will make a second and stuff the antlers before fulling, which wasn't specified originally. The antlers look good but are not as robust as Claire's original. I think I have enough Taupe for the head and ears and will do the antlers in some Natura I have left over from Isobel's set of Matryoshka dolls.

30 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #25: Aino & Sidecar Mittens

Better late than never (just like our flight back to New York, switched from Monday to Friday) are two last patterns, and I'm glad I waited! Therese Lestander's Aino mittens are an elegant pair with simple adornment - a  Latvian braid and pretty stranded pattern on the cuff. And then there is Thea Colman's Sidecar Mittens with lacey cuffs and a clever ribbed cuff in fingering weight yarn to peek through. Both mittens are worked up in DK weight yarn, so they will go quickly. Why not knit yourself a pair in January, since mittens have quickly become THE item to knit in January. [Aino: Ravelry | Sidecar Mittens: Ravelry]

26 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #24: Winterland/Vinterland

(Apologies for the delay on the last two posts in my series - the holidays get a little crazy, don't they?)

These stranded mittens are perfect for Christmas Eve, especially for folks attending Midnight services. Wenche Roald's pattern, inspired by Norwegian winter nights and an embroidered wall hanging, is a beautiful star-lit scene in fingering-weight yarn. One finished project shows the year on the inside of the thumb! Pattern is written in both English and Norwegian. Wenche also has mitten patterns with a Dala horse and a quilt sampler - lovely, clever, and just a little different. [Ravelry]

23 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #23: Fred+Ginger Cardigan

At this time of year I want to curl up and watch Astaire & Rogers movies (I'm watching The Gay Divorcee  right now!), so Laura Chau's lovely little cardigan seemed the perfect choice for today. With set-in, three-quarter sleeves and ruffled hems, this is a lovely little cardigan that will fit in perfectly to most any wardrobe. This sweater is knit in sport-weight yarn, and the ruffles are cashmere/silk laceweight. [Ravelry]

P.S. Kieran Foley has just issued a new, top-down version of his Emily Dickinson shawl, Emily 2. And guess who just came home with a skein of madeline tosh lace in Baltic and a couple of wee boxes of seed beads that match from Loopy Yarns? Merry Christmas to me!

Falala 2010 Pattern #22: Owen

In addition to being a crazy doll lady, I am something of a teddy bear connoisseur, and Jane Watling's Owen is a very special bear, perfect for children of all ages. Go take a look at that face! Not only does he sport classic teddy looks, but he's is worked up in the round in DK-weight yarn (try Aran-weight to make a big lovey, though he is already over a foot high) and is button-jointed. 50% of the £4 price benefits the New Lanark Trust, an historic Scottish mill now spinning organic wool. Printed copies of the pattern are available directly from New Lanark Trust for £4.50, which includes postage. [Ravelry | New Lanark Trust]

22 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #21: Elphaba Pullover

Sometimes you need a little, fitted knit. Mary Anarella's Elphaba Pullover is a perfect example, and she has even included a horizontal bust dart tutorial for a perfect fit for those of us with curves up top. Written in nine sizes in two-inch increments and worked in fingering-weight yarn, it starts at the top and ends with some lovely Japanese feather lace. Be sure to check out her Inaugural Sweater, too - a jacket in Malabrigo Merino Worsted. [Ravelry]

21 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #20: Billington Bag

Ready for some felting? Snowden Becker's adorable Billington Bag just might fit the bill. Neat twisted-stitch pattern and clever details (button feet!) make for a fun project in worsted-weight yarn. Comes in two sizes. [Ravelry]

19 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #19: Virna

I'm on a hat kick - they're usually quick knits and are so useful for keeping you warm now that winter is upon us. Today's hat is unabashedly feminine with a little slouch and a lovely crocheted flower accent. My friend Jenn asked for a pattern suggestion today for a woman's hat with attached flower, and this was one of the many I found on Ravelry (that pattern search tool is amazing!). I have Jatta Sauko's Zetor Scarf, a beautiful triangle shawl, in my queue and just saw that she has some other great hats. Patterns are in Finnish and English. [Ravelry]

Falala 2010 Pattern #18: Ripley

Ysolda Teague's Ripley has been my go-to hat ever since I knit it up, and not just because I worked it up in Lobster Pot Cashmere. Clever construction in Aran-weight yarn (Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted is the called-for yarn, but there are plenty of good subs, including Malabrigo Twist) makes for a quick and satisfying knit. Plus there are "boy" and "girl" versions (garter stitch and lace headbands, respectively). While you're at it, splurge on the whole booklet, Whimsical Little Knits 2, rather than just Ripley, including the beautiful Veyla mitts and a hedgehog toy! [Ravelry | Ysolda: Whimsical Little Knits 2]

17 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #17: Damask

So maybe you don't feel up to knitting with "thread" but still feel like some lace. Give Kitman Figueroa's gorgeous Damask a go. All of her patterns are beautiful, but Damask is the one that's in my queue, and it is knit with Malabrigo Sock yarn (or any other fingering-weight yarn). Comes in three sizes, using one to two skeins of yarn. [Ravelry | Etsy]

16 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #16: Emily Dickinson

As the year draws to a close and time to knit up any more presents for loved ones runs out, I start to think about what I want in my knitted wardrobe (and what I want to knit "for fun"). And it's time for lace. Though I've never been one for beads on my knitting, Kieran Foley has made me reconsider with his beautiful little Emily Dickinson shawl - so pretty and ethereal. Just one skein of cobweb, and he starts at the bottom, which is an unusual construction for triangle shawls these days. Those beads are like dewdrops. Time to comb through my laceweight stash and choose some yarn! [Ravelry | knit/lab]

15 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #15: Brynja

I'm still in a Nordic* mood, probably because of the cold snap here in New York. Who am I kidding? I am often in a Nordic mood, spending time every summer in Door County, Wisconsin, where folks are from Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc. That's where I first saw Poetry in Stitches and bought Poems of Color, Norwegian Handknits, and Northern Knits (all lovely books I highly recommend).

And just in case you haven't yet discovered The Icelandic Knitter, go take a look at Brynja. Isn't that a pretty sweater? I love the original color combination (and the ribbon-lined placket). Kits are available, but if you are stash-diving, Lett-Lopi is an Aran weight yarn, so, mmmm, Malabrigo might be an interesting substitute, or perhaps Shelter, which is very lofty like Lopi. [Ravelry | The Icelandic Knitter]

P.S. I'm so in love with Theodóra, The Icelandic Knitter doll!

*Do you consider Iceland to be Nordic? If not, why not, and what more-general term would you use for these European countries of the Far North? Totally curious and 

Falala 2010 Pattern #14: Santa Lucia doll

I missed Santa Lucia Day (December 13th), but we can get ready for next year by making this adorable Alan Dart doll now. And Starboy comes along, too! [Ravelry | Alan Dart]

If you want to be Santa Lucia yourself, try this lovely candle crown (much safer than the real thing!), free from Sara Swärd. [Ravelry] It would also look great as a centerpiece.

13 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #13: Modern Garden Cardigan

If you are a moderately speedy knitter, I bet you could knock out one of Veera Välimäki's adorable Modern Garden Cardigans before the holidays. I love her modern, minimalist sensibility, and the cardigan cleverly has all shaping in the lace motifs. Knit in bulky yarn, and coming in five sizes, this is a great pattern for gifting (or keeping for yourself - what about working it up with two strands of Dream in Color Starry for some New Year's bling?). [Ravelry]

12 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #12: Elise mitten

With the rain and the wind roaring outside today, it seems a perfect time to think about stranded mittens. And Johanne Landin's Elise mittens are so pretty! I have one (1) almost-finished Selbu-style mitten almost finished, but it may have to stay in UFOland a while longer, once I choose two yarn colors. [Ravelry]

Falala 2010 Pattern #11: The Miss Flitt series

Beth Hahn has written and illustrated three of the four planned books of her Miss Flitt series, a 19th-century mystery with knitting patterns. Her watercolors are lovely, and I hope to collect them all soon (there are both PDF downloads and printed books). I love the whole shebang and am having a hard time selecting just one knit for you. For a quick project? The Annabel Lee Neck Cozy or the Amity Capelet. And for something that will keep you busy a little longer, perhaps the worsted-weight Emma Cardigan. [Ravelry | Miss Flitt]