14 December 2012

Falala 2012 #6: Sleeven

When I have some time to knit something for myself, I'm going to try a Contiguous Method sweater, like Sleeven. Top-down knitting has never really clicked for me, but I think I'd like this method, since I like the tailored look of set-in sleeves but don't like seaming. I know lots of people love knitting pieces and seaming and all that, and there are definitely advantages (you can work on one piece at a time without having to carry around a whole sweater, seams can add stability, etc.), but I love the physical flexibility of seamless sweaters. And even though I've advanced my seaming technique, I'd rather not when I don't have to. So check out Sleeven or one of Ankestrick's other lovely patterns that use the Contiguous Method. Sleeven pattern is $6.07 (4.50 EUR).

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