01 December 2010

Falala 2010 Pattern #1: Snowbird

It's that time of year again! I'm not going to limit myself to free patterns this year (in fact, I hope to emphasize independent knitwear designers but don't want to hamper my searches), so for the next 25 days you will find suggestions of fun patterns to knit/queue. Some will be quickies that you could make for a holiday gift and some will be longer-term projects. Happy holidays!

First up, Heidi Kirrmaier's (PipiBird on Ravelry) Snowbird, a perfectly named, cozy, drapey cardigan. I must confess that I own this pattern, though have yet to knit it up. And I have the yarn (Jo Sharp/Kathmandu Tweed) in my stash! Perhaps I'll get to it once the holidays are over, since this is one I'm sure I would wear a lot. All Heidi's patterns have a simple elegance to them without their being boring. Snowbird is $6.50 and is sized from XS to 3XL. [Ravelry]

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