31 August 2009

Yarn Coordinator

So, I have much to report from the nation's heartland (photography class with Franklin Habit at Loopy Yarns and checking out two brand-spankin' new yarn stores in Door County with my mom), but that will have to wait because I need your advice, dear readers.

The groovy people at Soho Publishing, publishers of Vogue Knitting amongst others, is looking for a Yarn Coordinator. Right here in NYC. ... I know! It sounds like one of those potentially thankless-to-some jobs that we Virgos love: all organizing, coordinating amongst editors, designers, and yarn companies, making lists and spreadsheets, ooh, maybe databases, and stuff like that (according to the job description).

The problem is that I have to write a cover letter. And it's been a while since I wrote one of those. I have no idea what to say without sounding like a fan-girl or a space cadet or a senior art director, which is what I was in my past life. What do I write?! "Hey, I love yarn and am an 'exquisitely focused knitter' (I prefer that phrase to 'obsessed') who needs a job. I'm highly organized and love setting up databases to keep everyone else around me organized as well."

I never liked writing cover letters, but at least in my last few job searches I could let my design samples and resume do a lot of the talking for me. Having spent the last couple of years hanging out with preschoolers and the screaming bébé (thank goodness she's turned into a delightful almost-toddler) hasn't helped my business communication skillz.

So, if you have any ideas on how to phrase things, let me know.


  1. Exquisitely focused is good, and the other stuff you said about loving to write data bases and organizing is good too. You can do it!

  2. I think you should mention your background and your interests, and then say something like, "I hope you will seriously consider my resume. Though I may be a non-traditional applicant, I feel certain that I could contribute as a member of your staff."

    Well, you asked ...


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