09 August 2009

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Zimmermann

Today is Elizabeth Zimmermann's birthday, so knit on with confidence and hope through all crises!

What are you knitting today? I'm working on a design in which i-cord and circular knitting play prominent roles - very EZ.

Why don't you go knit some Christmas Fiddle Faddle in the Woods? It is August after all. I'm going to work on mine in a couple of weeks when I am, in fact, in the Great North Woods of Wisconsin - very EZ, indeed.*

And if you haven't seen this online companion to the New School Knitting exhibition of 2006, check it out.

*If you don't have Knitter's Almanac, why not order it from Schoolhouse Press (scroll down a little ways) today? It is such a wonderful book.

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  1. Boy did those pictures take me back to when my mom was knitting when I was a kid!


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