12 August 2009

Keep on Blogging

I'm trying to blog more regularly, but it's not as easy when you want to include pics but are working on seeecret projects (well, projects that shouldn't be photographed before they are accepted/rejected to online publications). And internet access is only working on Nick's laptop, while I like to keep the pics on mine (where Photoshop lives). Plus, I prefer blogging FOs with pics, much prettier than jumbly in-progress shots.

Anyway, I'm close to finishing up the project I want to submit this week and am pretty psyched with how it's turning out. The gals at Knit Night approved. I would only need to submit a swatch and sketch this week but really wanted to knit it up to make sure it will actually work, since I don't want my doodles to write a check my needles can't cash. If it is liked I can spend the model knitting time grading the pattern, which I have yet to do.

And I'm kind of waiting for my dear sister-in-law to have her baby to show you the things I've knit for said baby.

As an aside, I've read a number of blog reports from Sock Summit, and I just have to say that it's Meg Swansen (not Swanson). I'm sure it's just jealousy on my part, but if you get to meet the lady (wonderful in her own right *and* the daughter of Elizabeth Zimmermann), spell her name correctly. They'd better have another Sock Summit next year, and I'd better figure out a way to go.

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