01 June 2009


This is based on House Beautiful's Favorites questionnaire in the June 2009 issue. I enjoyed reading all the designers' answers and kept replying in my head with my own. What are your favorites?

flower peonies, roses, lilacs, violets, ranunculus, hydrangeas, freesia (I know! I can't pick just one)
sofa shape traditional three-cushion or comfy equivalent (though not one of those with cushions you get lost in) without too many Cheerios under said cushions
stationery leetle note cards from Paper Source
comfort food home-made Tollhouse cookies with a bit of Kosher salt sprinkled on before baking & sushi
lamp one of those beautiful blown glass ones from Simon Pearce - I've never been able to decide which shape/size I like best so am still without one (well, that and they aren't exactly free)
alarm clock Isobel and Penelope - I'd sleep 'til ... 7:30 without those girls
mattress a great one from IKEA whose name looks/sounds like all the other IKEA mattress names
bed pillow extra firm one with mostly goose feathers, not down
car color varies but always with that green dot on the side
everyday dishes I'd like to say my Tiffany Nature china [PDF link] (sadly discontinued) but we're not quite ready for that chez Purly (despite its being microwave and dishwasher safe and all), so Nick's bachelor dishes and the plastic stuff from IKEA that every family with small kids seems to have these days
color robin's egg blue
coffee table book The Natural Knitter
all-purpose glass "Working Glass" from Crate and Barrel, though I'm thinking of changing to CB2's Marta
soap Lush Sea Vegetable soap - sea salt, seaweed, lavender, lime - what's not to love?
ice cream B&J's Chubby Hubby or Peppermint Stick
towel fluffy white ones from LL Bean
chair Louis Ghost - I have no idea if it's comfortable but I love the shape and lucite-ness of it - even better is the little Lou Lou!
scented candle I prefer the no-smell of a clean house.
wallpaper toile, pretty much any toile
sheets white damask stripe since college, just keep replacing them when they wear out
cleaning supply Mrs Meyers All-Purpose Cleaner, Lemon Verbena or Geranium or Lavender
toothpaste Crest Whitening Expressions Extreme Herbal Mint - dumb name, awesome toothpaste
showerhead Speakman Anystream
vacuum Dyson - the yellow upright one, had it for years
lightbulb We've gone to CFLs for the most part, but I still like those "natural light" incandescents
coffee or tea Zabar's or Fairway's French Roast or the equivalent - the darker and richer, the better; one of my personal failings is an indifference to tea
kitchen gadget footed end-grain cutting board and Wusthof Santoku
workhorse fabric don't have one yet but expect to shortly, now that I'm getting to know my sewing machine
pen Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Rolling Ball in black
artist John Singer Sargent (wish he could have painted my portrait), Vermeer (what is there to say?), Van Gogh (oh, the impasto)

And a few questions that were oddly omitted from the HB list:

yarn Malabrigo Merino Worsted - such a joy to knit even if it might pill all over
needles Bryspun circulars and short DPNs, though I'm coming around on Addi Turbos for some projects
notion black sheep tape measure and silverplate leaf stitch markers (from Knitty City)

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