22 June 2009

FO: Sassymetrical for MB

Pattern: Sassymetrical by Gay Schiff [Ravelry link]
Yarn: Romney Ridge Farm Hand-dyed 64% wool 36% mohair blend in Green, 360 yards, and I used just about every last one
Needle: US8

This one is for my sister. I gave the yarn to her for Christmas and told her she could knit something herself with it or have me knit something, though I could make no promises as to when any item would be complete. She opted for my making something, and here it is. The Sassymetrical pattern is fun and quick. I like the little puff to the sleeves. Sadly, it is too warm, even with it's little cap sleeves, for her to wear now, especially as she leaves for two months of research work in Afghanistan. But the wool/mohair blend will be ready to warm her up in Berlin this fall where she is working on her Ph.D.

Pardon the flash photography - it was rainy in New York, and it's rainy here. Some day we'll have bright daylight again and proper photography. But I've been meaning to blog about this one for a while and wanted to do so before MB leaves Wednesday morning. Hope you like this little sweater, sis!


  1. That looks so cute on you! I'm sure you're sis will love it.

  2. ...and I meant "your" not "you're" - eesh - it's getting late and my inner grammar editor is getting tired!


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