19 May 2009

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Cities

I saw this one making the rounds today and decided to join in...

1. New York - my home now where there is always more to discover
2. Boston - my former home, it's such a great size, filled with history, culture, Red Sox, good food, yarn, and people
3. Chicago - my original home town: deep dish pizza, architecture, Lake Michigan, Cubs, family and friends, of course
4. Venice - so gorgeous; I visited in late spring before it started to get smelly but am pretty sure I would put up with the stink to spend more time there exploring and getting lost
5. London - history, architecture, culture, and I speak their language
6. Paris - beautiful
7. Gloucester, Mass. - my former home, too
8. Bath, Maine - my New England home with lobster, beaches, and our teeny, weeny house
9. St. Louis - home of my alma mater, the Arch, toasted ravioli, very thin pizza, a delightful botanic garden, and a lovely little art museum in Forest Park
10. Nantucket - the quintessential coastal New England town

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  1. It's so much fun seeing what cities everyone mentions!


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