20 June 2007

Starting a New Chapter?

I'm starting to feel more like a member of the human race.

Is it due to talking to Emily, Annie, and Ben for absurdly long periods of time yesterday (hi, guys)?

Is it due to meeting a mom at the park yesterday who moved here with her two-year-old twin boys last year from, yes, Boston? She seemed really nice, and it was great to talk with someone who understands the differences between here and there.

Perhaps it's the weather, which has finally gotten lovely here for the last couple of days, thanks to a high-pressure system. Think clear, beautiful blue skies and low humidity. Ahhh.

Perhaps it's randomly reconnecting with an old friend who, gracious me, owns a lighthouse (hi, Ken), thanks to a google-trip to Cape Cod (hi, Susanne).

It may just be the growing certainty that moving here is the best thing for me and Isobel. But ask me again in January.

Then again, it may be knitting up Wisp in Laughing Rat's beautiful mohair. Must find some ribbon and buttons!

It's probably because divorce papers are being served this week (hi, husband). Don't worry. I don't think he reads this.

Whatever the reason, it's time to start a new chapter in my life, isn't it. I was going to blog about turning a cosmic corner, but I'm a book girl through and through, so chapter it is.

Now, it's not as if the house has sold or I've found a job or we've agreed on a settlement or anything, but I'm coming to grips with the state of my life. Now, if I could just sleep we'd be all set. Oy.

And I may even be capable of getting the two boxes of stuff out to my sister in Kabul (hi, Boo). And I will definitely get to the grocery store today - Isobel usually lobbies for Trader Joe's, as they have little carts. Might even wind the Mystery Stole yarn and figure out a bead strategy. Keri, I'll keep you posted - just wish I had a better idea of bead placement in the pattern, but that will be revealed soon enough.

And, Emily, I'm going to cast on for something not-a-shawl, I promise!


  1. I saw that pattern the other day and thought, "Nah, not for me." However seeing the yarn you're using for it has changed my mind. I just finished a baby afghan last night and so I may have to order some yarn.

    Thanks! And Here's hoping to a wonderful new chapter!

  2. Good luck on the next chapter on your life! I wish you the best!

  3. Ok, I have been trying to post a comment for weeks and I think I can now. Must be the hot flashes shorting out the computer. Did I mention my hot flashes? Flashes of poere and brilliance that could light up the entire East Coast?
    I am kniotting the Ukrainian Seater from Natural Knitter, from the Euroflax. Yummm. Miss you, child.


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