12 June 2007

I'm a cool kid, now!

Yeah, you thought I was cool for learning Magic Loop (pretty much on my own - check me out). But now I'm on Ravelry! Check it, bay-bee. I'm Purly. Woot, to quote Sandy. This thing is huge. I'm not even sure how extensively cool it is yet, but so far I'm totally wowed. Now I just have to get cracking on my Flickr account.

Anyway, much in the queue and stash to get into Ravelry. I'm going to be a busy bee.

In personal news, the house is on the market. I'm really sad about this, but it needs to happen. Wanna buy a house? It's a wonderful house, and we did all the crud work, so the new owner will get to do fun stuff like paint and not worry about burning the house down (wiring was knob and tube, and the roof was badly applied cedar shake).


  1. I am waiting for my Ravelry invitation too, can't wait, it looks so cool! That is too bad about your house. I guess that means you really aren't coming back to the east?, very sad. Are you staying in Chicago then?

  2. I just added you to my friends - yea!

  3. i'll have to add you to my friends! i've been on since sunday, it's kind of addictive :)


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