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28 May 2010

Interview with Robin Hunter

Robin was gracious enough to interview me (via email) for her blog today. I really enjoyed thinking about her questions, as well as reading her interviews with many other knitwear designers along with all her other informative posts. I'm pleasurably embarrassed to be in such virtual company. Thanks, Robin! [link]

23 February 2009


So, I get to spend a lot of time thinking these days. While nursing Penelope quietly in the rocking chair in our bedroom, since she's too distractible to nurse around the rest of the family or in front of the computer or TV. While trying to fall asleep, knowing that she's going to wake up for her first nightly feeding right after I conk out. While walking home from taking Isobel to school in the morning or walking to pick her up in the afternoon. Anyway, there is a fair bit of time in my life these days where I can't have knitting needles (or graph paper and pencil) in my hands, so I get to think. And I've been thinking about some knits I've only seen in my head. At some point I'll have to turn these theories into practice. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about waist-shaping* and just rediscovered Knitting Daily's Waist Shaping Calculator.

*And cables, and in-the-round construction, and various seamless yoke options (EZ offers some interesting variations), and if my theories work, you will hear all about them!