28 May 2010

Interview with Robin Hunter

Robin was gracious enough to interview me (via email) for her blog today. I really enjoyed thinking about her questions, as well as reading her interviews with many other knitwear designers along with all her other informative posts. I'm pleasurably embarrassed to be in such virtual company. Thanks, Robin! [link]


  1. 1. Great interview! Congratulations on becoming famous.

    2. I love the picture of you that is posted with the interview.

    3. I'm so happy you are having success with you designing. I had a feeling it was there and just itchin' to get out ...

    4. Happy Memorial Day to everyone at your house!

  2. That's a great interview! I could just say "what she said" re: Bridget's comment! Ha.

    I especially like your advice for knitters not to undervalue their time and talent. I read a blog post last week where someone was able to purchase a knitted item for the same price as the yarn it would take to knit the item, and I really had to fight to not say that the knitter selling her work so cheaply was doing a disservice to us all. It was great for the blogger - she got a handknit baby gift for a steal - but it decreases the value of all handknit objects when they're sold so cheaply (same argument goes for Etsy fiber dyers and handspinners who do it for the heck of it and aren't trying to make a living out it, and end up hurting those who are).

    Okay, I'll step off my soapbox now.... :o)


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