08 January 2016

Episode One: The Pattern (with show notes)

Let's talk about the pattern for the Solstice Cardi!

Visit here to sign up for the newsletter and get your free Solstice Cardi pattern*. Your link to download the PDF will be in your Welcome email. Be sure to create your project page on Ravelry!

Round Table Yarns - I will be knitting my Solstice Cardi in the Camelot base, colorway: Orkney  - Perceval, Gawain, and Guenevere are other great options in the gauge range

Julie Asselin  - the original Solstice Cardi was knit in the Stella base, colorway: Diamant; Fino Simple, Fino, Leizu Fingering, Nanos, and Piccolo are other great bases that have a similar gauge

Hiya Hiya 40" Steel Circular Needles

Black Sheep tape measure

Ann Tudor  - adorable ring stitch markers; I have a set of sheep

Removable stitch markers - there are plenty of these out in the world; here is just one option

Shaker needle case - more examples can be seen in the Photo Gallery; contact them directly about purchasing, since they can't keep them in stock in the shop

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*Free pattern available until 25 March 2016. After that date Solstice Cardi will be available for purchase from my Ravelry shop.






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Kathleen is wearing An Aran for Anne, originally published in Jane Austen Knits, Summer 2012. Pattern available here.

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