03 December 2015

Designer resources

In yesterday morning's Periscope broadcast I mentioned some resources I turn to when writing and grading patterns. As I mentioned, I usually follow Knitty standards, as I like how wide-ranging they are (seven sizes from XS to 3X in 4-inch increments). Most magazines I've worked with publish patterns in five sizes, but I do prefer seven -- it's not too much more work while giving more knitters the opportunity to knit a pattern from the instructions.

When grading my patterns I often refer to:
I love all the measurements included in Ysolda's chart -- it's very thorough, although it does not contain a key number for my pattern writing: sleeve length from wrist to underarm. Since I write patterns from cuff and hem upwards to join body and sleeves together and work yokes seamlessly, this number is of more use to me than the given sleeve length measurement (from wrist to shoulder). Happily I can find that number in the CYCA standards.

As for the books I mention above, Ann Budd's book is a great starting point, even if I find the amount of ease included to be much larger than I generally design for. The proportions are helpful, though, as are the impressive spectrum of pattern grading from baby to large adult man. And EZ's books are so helpful in thinking about the body in a three-dimensional way, as well as the interconnectedness of our parts thanks to her EPS (Elizabeth's Percentage System). I couldn't do without Knitting Workshop and re-read Knitter's Almanac on a regular basis.

I hope you find these helpful/interesting. Let me know in the comments if you have any other knitting design resources you turn to regularly.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

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