03 July 2015

quick + purly: 5 gloves

Now that Summer is firmly upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, the notion of knitting something that would fill your lap is, um, repugnant, isn't it? Unless you're safely tucked away in the AC, you'll want something small (or something in linen). How about some gloves? Sure, they may be a little fiddly with all those fingers, but don't your lovely, clever hands deserve something special? This week I found five glove patterns that each have some element that makes them truly spectacular. Take your pick!

  1. Opus 300 by Linda OCarroll and Mel Browne £3 GBP (~ $4.80 USD) 
    Such a clever use of beads! Be sure to note the ring on the pointer finger.
  2. Snapdragon Gloves by The Rainey Sisters $6 USD 
    Wouldn't you want a pair with colorful flowers AND a pair all in one yarn?
  3. FINLAY by Alexandra Brinck £2.50 GBP (~ $4 USD)
    You wanted to figure out what to do with that awesome stripey yarn you fell for, right?
  4. Texel Gloves by Dagmar Mora $4 USD 
    Such a clever use of color and stitch pattern - there's a ribbed option for the cuff, too!
  5. Lady Wannabe (Den dama) by Tara Frøseth Design kr.35.00 NOK (~$4.53 USD) 
    A chance to paw through your button jar...
All images from patterns' Ravelry pages. No copyright infringement intended. I just want to share the love!

Special note: The über-talented Julia Mueller has, sadly, stopped designing gloves. Lucky for you, she has decided to make all her existing designs free (to avoid the VAT mess). There are so many lovelies to choose from that you should just go and pick your favorite(s) and then come back and tell me about them.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

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