29 May 2015

quick + purly: 5 tees

It's so beautifully Summer-y here in New York City that I have the urge to knit things with little or no sleeves, so here are five tees with special details for you.

  1. The Perseids by Asami Kawa $5.50USD 
    This sweet top has been in my favorites for ages -
    love the touch of beads at the neckline
  2. Mesh Panel Tee by Myrna Batten $5USD 
    Using laceweight doubled except for the mesh is a great idea
  3. Crown Tee by Jenise Hope $7CAD 
    Lovely, feminine details
  4. Camelia Tee by Playsweetmusic Design kr.30.00 SEK 
    Charming inspiration and execution
  5. Hane by Kirsten Johnstone $8USD 
    Intriguing details and lots of options in the pattern
All images from patterns' Ravelry pages. No copyright infringement intended. I just want to share the love!

Have you knit any short-sleeved items? I tend to think of knits as long-sleeved Winter-y (and Spring- and Fall-y) things, but this year I'm jonesing to create Summer-y pieces. Tell me about your favorite summer knits in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!

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