01 May 2015

quick + purly: 5 lacy stoles

Perhaps it's that I just blocked my two #seekritknitting projects. Or maybe all the pollen has gone to my head. This week I was drawn to lacy, nupp-y stoles, even if they might take a lot of yarn and a LOT of knitting. These five beauties are the opposite of my recently-published Sly Maid Stole - maybe that's why I like them.

Have you knit nupps (pronounced noops from what I understand)? Any tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments.

  1. Forest Path Stole by Faina Latoutchaia $6 USD 
    I might even venture entrelac for this - divine
  2. Sweet Embrace by Marriana Designs $6 USD 
    nupps on stockinette are so modern
  3. Fairy of Happiness by Meeli Vent 4.90 EUR 
    perfect pattern name
  4. Snowdrop Shawl by Nancy Bush $7 USD 
    Yes, that Nancy Bush
  5. Ophelia Shawl by Miriam Felton $6.50 
    Miriam's photo shoot is as lovely as her stole
All images from the patterns' Ravelry pages. No copyright infringement intended - I just want to share the love!

Looking for your own nupp-y stole option? Here is my Ravelry search.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen
P.S. More on those new patterns next week!

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