04 December 2013

Sweaters of the last week (Instagram posts)

The weather is a bit warm now that we are back home, so the sweater posting has slowed down (if you follow me in Instagram, you've already seen these). I'm ok with wearing a button down today but do look forward to more sweater wearing soon. 

Friday in Wavelette 

Saturday in Herring Lassie (an as-yet-unpublished design based on gansey stitch patterns and EZ's nalgar construction)

Sunday in Wavelette again (can't bring 'em all in the suitcase)

Monday in a striped mariniere with this great boiled wool coat I found many moons ago at Marshall's. It's knee length and closes with hooks and eyes and has these embroidered flowers on the cuffs and along the front edges. Isobel wasn't with me at the time or I would have been able to give you a full length shot

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and stayed away from the mall and big box stores. I spent some time browsing etsy and making plans for some last minute knits and worked on that simple stole. It's very good comfort knitting. 

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen 

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