23 December 2013

Etsy Treasury: Victoriana

I've been plugging away at some non-bloggable knitting (shareable in a couple of days), and in my downtime I've started curating Treasury lists on Etsy. Such fun! I have a tendency to get an idea in my head and then fall down the Etsy rabbit hole until I've seen all there is. My time suck is your gain :)

Two to share with you today:

  • Victorian Engraved Jewelry I have a few pieces like these that I inherited from my paternal great aunt and grandmother (baby bangle and an Elgin watch) and find this kind of handwork so lovely
  • Mourning Jewelry Having just re-read Possession by A.S. Byatt, I've got a thing for hair and jet mourning jewelry. Again, the handmade aspect is so appealing, and the slightly macabre (check out the last ring - OMG!) and personal aspects of such items are so interesting in today's mass-produced world
Happy holidays to you all (whether your holiday of choice has already occurred or is coming soon)!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen
P.S. More knitting in the New Year - promise!

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  1. A very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, K!

    Don't even get me started on mourning jewelry/hair jewelry. I catalogued an entire shelving unit of brooches at the museum I worked for in another life - Absolutely fixated on them. More than slightly macabre, but dang, some really interesting crafty things!!


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