02 June 2013

Springtime in New York

This post was written a couple of weeks ago, but the blogger app has refused to post it. Hopefully it will work this time...

Springtime in New York is a beautiful thing, as long as you don't suffer from tree pollen allergies. But how could you blame a beautiful plum tree like this one? I find these pompons of blossoms so very charming!

And here's another one dropping its petals to form a drift of purple snow. The sweeping of the branches is so lyrical. 

At the beginning of the week I walked through Central Park to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the new PUNK Costume Institute show on the last of the Members' Mondays (the museum will be open every day soon). Throughout the park there are green benches most of which have little dedication plaques. This one caught my eye with its little boxwood wreath. I love the little personal touches that can be found throughout the city, if you keep your eyes open. 

PUNK was interesting, though its not a genre I know much about. I loved that the original punks made use of sweaters and other knits. And the use of mixed materials - so many shades of black - was interesting, too. I think at some point a punkish element may find its way into my own work.  

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