02 June 2013


Here are some photo highlights of our trip up to Maine last weekend. I also managed a quick stop at Halcyon Yarns but didn't take any pictures (just stood in the beautiful warehouse panicking a little about what to get :) Perhaps I'll do a video visit there later this summer for you. 
Photo shoot for Bloc that didn't really happen

'Cause it was cold in Maine!

Family all bundles up after dinner at Spinney's 

Fort Popham and an FO: tipped, cabled, heel-hood, saddle-shoulder cardigan based on EZ's brilliance

Beautiful cemetery gate in Phippsburg - Victorian wrought iron weeping willow covered in real flower petals

This tree is older than the United States and taller than the church 

That's one tall poplar (that gate is part of the fence at the lower left)

Church steeple at sunset

Fading daylight in the way home

Reid State Park shoreline (catch my video on YouTube - link -> http://youtu.be/lTVeA8c2BtY )

Reid from the picnic area

Rocky coast

Waves crashing on the shore (I'm going to put my little video on a loop and fall asleep to it every night)

Beautiful flotsam at the shoreline

Lobster red boots are a good idea when the water is so cold (I'll put my bare tootsies in again come late July)

Five Islands is the best!

The view while you wait for the good people of Five Islands to cook your very own lobster

View t'other way

Waiting for lobster in my In the Shallows scarf and a new sweater design that you'll have to wait for (I am just crazy about it!)

My very own lobster

Soft shells are the bomb - no cracker required

Only working boats are in the water this time of year

Five Islands lobster house

Five Islands cookhouse (fried stuff, burgers, lobster rolls, the all-important tshirts, etc.)

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