19 March 2013

Spring Break

It doesn't feel much like Spring here, considering the snow that fell last night, but I'm OK with that, since it means I get to wear my woolly sweaters a bit more (an unpublished design today - I will be looking for test knitters soon). And parenthetically speaking of test knitters, I'm about done with the testing phase for Sailor's Valentine and am getting very excited to share it with you.

But now I'm packing for a quick trip to Chicago to deliver a Babe in the Mist to a very special young lady. There will be pictures when I return.

Actually, the packing is almost complete. So, now I just need to figure out what to bring to knit. The project I've been working on is close to complete, so I don't think I want to bring that (it requires blocking wires, which I'm not keen to pack). I have another design in process, but it's not compelling knitting, if you know what I mean. It's perfect when you want to work on something without having to give it too much attention. So, that will come, and I like the yarn a lot.

But I need something else for those times when I want to focus a little more. The caveat is that it shouldn't be a big project, since I have two submissions that have recently been accepted (yay!) that will probably need my full attention when we return to NYC. I'm thinking lace or a little laceweight sweater might fit the bill. There are two skeins of sale-purchase Malabrigo lace in a pale pink that whispers "little cardi to warm you up this icy Spring", but there is also a Neon Rose skein of tosh lace that is practically shouting at me from the yarn jar. Decisions, decisions!

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  1. I find that sock knitting is a great travel project. Portable, interesting, and then you get a pair of socks to wear on your travels!


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