20 January 2011

Vogue Knitting Live!*

*I don't know why the exclamation point was necessary, either, but maybe it will be that exciting.

I'm off to VKL tomorrow morning (early). My first class, with the charming Franklin Habit, begins at 8:30. Here's to hoping tonight's snow doesn't mess anything up in our carefully choreographed morning hand-off (Nick has to go get his son in Queens for school here in Morningside Heights, and I will meet him there with Isobel, whose school it also is, and Penelope, who is not really up for a class on lace). After that it's Stephanie's lecture, the first of two cable classes this weekend (the second is with someone named Debbie Bliss), then a marketplace preview before hitting the Purls and Prosecco reception. Yippee! I'll be wearing Turn of the Glass - if you see me/her (girl sweaters are always her, aren't they?), be sure to say hi.

Saturday, after Ms. Bliss's class, I'm going to learn about Estonian Nupps and such, attend the panel on Designing for the Hand-Knitting Market, and enjoy the dinner and Marvelous Mohair fashion show before heading to Williamsburg for a friend's 40th birthday party at a place called Barcade where they have a ton of old arcade games. Let's see if I remember how to play Ms. Pac-Man. And I'll be sporting my newest sweater, Grés, which wasn't completed in time to enter the Marvelous Mohair competition, but that's OK.

Sunday I get to attend a class with Meg (yes, that one, Mrs. Swansen to you and me) on EPS, Franklin's lecture on the history of lace knitting patterns, and when I'm completely exhausted a class on designing your own knitting patterns. Not sure what I'll wear that day, probably my PJs, since I'll be extremely tired from all the knitting excitement topped by a late night in Brooklyn.

I'm very excited for all my classes and looking forward to the marketplace and seeing all sorts of people. Have a great weekend, and I'll try to take pictures and post them on Monday.


  1. I think that's ALL worthy of the exclamation point!!! (or 3)

  2. Lucky lucky you! Enjoy your classes!


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