18 January 2011

Twitter Sweater, week 2

Okay, it's not really week two of Grés, at least not sequentially, but it is the second week I'm really working on it. You've made both of your sleeves, right? Now it's time to work the bodice!

BODY Provisionally CO 152, join, k 1". Inc 19 sts evenly over half (front). K 7", join sleeves to body, decrease @ raglans every other row.

Can't decide on yoke for gres sweater: round or raglan?

Ended up choosing a round yoke here, so ignore that  bit about "decrease[ing] @ raglans every other row."

Yoke: Set aside 8sts ea from sleeve sts & both sides of body. Join sleeves and body, mark EOR, and work even in the round for 2".

K3, k2tog 1rd. K 2". K2, k2tog 1rd. K 2". K1, k2tog. K 1", p 1rd, k 1". Fold @ p rd. Sew live sts from ndl 6r below p rd.

See what happens when you design on the needles? ...

Small yoke change: k add'l 1" before p rd then k1 k2tog around. Work hem facing back&forth. Feed elastic through slit if needed.

Body: pick up sts from prov CO & k 1". K25, m1, k1, m1, k25, m1, k1, m1, k25, m1; rpt. K 2". Inc again. K desired length. P rd.

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