13 December 2009

Falala Free Pattern #13: 22.5 Degrees

Do you still have sock yarn looking for a purpose? Of course you do! Why not knit up Martina Behm's lovely little shawlette. Garter stitch-based with a very wide angle, it's more interesting to knit than a scarf but fills the same need. Be sure to check Martina's video link on the pattern page to see her work the scalloped edge. She used a skein of Wollmeise, which has over 500 yards, but since the body of the shawl is garter stitch (no extraneous lace), you should be able to adjust, starting the edge a little earlier -- just follow her notes in the pattern for how many stitches you'll need on the needles. This would make a perfect quick gift or a project to look forward to in January. [Ravelry link]

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