11 December 2009

Falala Free Pattern #11: Hemlock Ring Blanket

I know, I know! Everyone has knit this blanket. What? You haven't? Oh, you should. It's a neat pattern and makes a lovely gift. Just ask my parents. I made one for them last Christmas (I wanted to make two but had this little, hungry baby who wouldn't let me accomplish much of anything) and there was so much squabbling I had to whip up another one (for Dad, he let Mom keep the first) once Penelope started eating solids. So far I've made four, including one for me. Go on, make one! Brooklyn Tweed (Jared Flood) made this one famous, and the Rainey sisters whipped up a lovely PDF chart. [Ravelry link / Brooklyn Tweed's blog link / Rainey Sisters' blog link / PDF link]

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