23 July 2009

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Places to Eat

Yup, Ten on Tuesday on Thursday. In random order...

1. Five Islands Lobster Co. (our lobster pound of choice in Maine)
2. Roy Moore's Lobster Co. (it's summer, so I'm in lobster high gear; my old lobster place on Cape Ann)
3. The Inn at Kristofer's (the Wilson Family fancy restaurant of choice in Door County)
4. Acquitaine (mussels and steak frites to die for in Boston's South End)
5. Shake Shack (shack burger, fries, and a concrete - downtown in Madison Square Park, UWS, or CitiField)
6. Inaho (where I first ate sushi long, long ago on Cape Cod)
7. Le Jardin (Nick took me here when I first visited him in New York)
8. Lupita's (I'd go just for the little bean empanadas you get with chips and salsa when you sit down)
9. Walker Bros. Original Pancake House ("A Dutch Baby, hash browns, and a large lemonade, please" - why look at the menu, when you know what's good?)
10. American Seasons (amazing food - foie gras creme brulee, anyone? - on one of the loveliest islands)

I'm sure there are more, but that should get us started. I'm hungry! Off to pick up Isobel from soccer and get some yummy empanadas from the cart. New York street food is pretty good, too.

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