01 July 2009

10 on Tuesday: Ten Guilty Pleasures on TV

Yes, it's Wednesday morning, which means it's time for me to (maybe) get around to 10 on Tuesday. This week: Ten Guilty Pleasures on TV.

1. ANTM (America's Next Top Model, in case you're too cool to own a television or observe pop culture or something) - Rich of the FourFour blog does awesome recaps
2. Absolutely Fabulous - nothing beats some quality time with Edina and Patsy, poor Safron
3. RHONY (Real Housewives of New York) - it's fun to see how the "other half" live in New York
4. RHONJ (Real Housewives of New Jersey) - it's a little frightening to see how some people live across the Hudson, but, oh, so entertaining; great recaps by Richard Lawson on Gawker, who also recapped RHONY brilliantly
5. Coupling (BBC version) - so funny, a brilliant combo of Sex and the City and Friends, only British and way better
6. Project Runway - even more fun now that I occasionally shop at Mood Fabrics; hopefully it won't be ruined by Lifetime Television
7. 30 Rock - j'adore Liz Lemon
8. The Simpsons, now and forever
9. Top Chef - we don't have cable/satellite here in Maine, so I'm missing Top Chef Masters, though, oddly, I don't mind
10. The Fashion Show - much as I love Isaac Mizrahi, this show is not living up to be a ProjRun replacement for me, but I still watch

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  1. i share a couple of these guilty tv pleasures. i've been watching the fashion show. i like isaac mizrahi a lot but i still think project runway is better. i miss tim gunn.


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