17 April 2009


What's a post without a picture?
Isobels' shrug in action, along with her mittens for this winter.

Man, am I sick and tired of being sick (and tired). I have a Sassymetrical to show you, all finished for my sister knit from Romney Ridge Farm's merino/mohair blend. And I just need buttons for my beautiful, blue Tempest, but that would involve hauling myself somewhere other than Isobel's school, and I'm just not quite up to that. Luckily, Penelope only woke up once last night. I'll be back when my lungs and sinuses clear up with pictures of lovely FOs. Maybe there will be a few more by then!
P.S. We're coming up to Boston next weekend (someone is giving a talk at Harvard on Friday) and are probably going to the Shearing Festival at Gore Place on Saturday. Want to join us?


  1. Look me up if you are on Harvard's campus with time to kill! I know good places to knit and/or lunch. And I'd love to catch up!

  2. Isobel looks a little dolly in her new shrug....hope you feel better soon!

  3. Isobel's adorable! Meantime, get better soon.


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