29 April 2009

Oh, I love that dirty water...

Boston, you're my home.

Well, not any more, but I do still feel very much "at home" there. It helps that Boston is such a manageable size. And it didn't hurt that we had a beautiful weekend! Nick's talk went well. Isobel had a good time with Peter (I was so anxious that something would go wrong because "going to visit Peter in Boston" was all she talked about all last week, which could have been a setup for grave disappointment). We went to the Aquarium (along with everyone else on their last day of April Vacation Week) and had dinner at Wagamama.

Saturday, we went to the Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival with dear friends. Boy, was it hot! But we saw sheep being shorn, with shears, no less; dogs herding sheep and goats (so cool to watch them work); and checked out the fiber tent. I only acquired one skein of yarn: 880 yards of handpainted laceweight merino in the Deep Sea colorway from traveling rhinos (the site is being renovated, but they have a link to their nicely stocked Etsy shop). We dined in the Heights (of Arlington, that is) with the same dear friends (super-yummy pasta salad, properly boiled-in-beer-then-grilled brats, home-made hummus - dear but crazy, hehe), and Isobel told us she wanted to live there or at least sleep over. Added bonus of a pop-in from another dear friend. Then a quick dash to Windsor Button, where the choice was too overwhelming and the button "sandbox" not inspiring after a busy day. But some red yarn that might be enough for a ... thing for some dear people who make lunch from scratch might have been acquired. Time will tell.

Herding sheep

The shorn and the fluffy

Sunday we visited the Yahd and got Hahvahd t-shirts for the family before heading into Boston to visit the Public Garden. I got to take Isobel on the Swan Boats, which is one of those things I always imagined doing with my kid(s). I'm so glad we had a chance to come up and do it, on a perfect day, no less.
With the Ducklings in the Public Garden

Enjoying the Swan Boat

And I'm wearing my Tempest as I type - FO post tomorrow!

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  1. It really is a swan boat! Cool! I'm glad it all turned out so well for you all.

    --AlisonH at spindyeknit.com


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