07 October 2008

FO: Knotty Gloves

Pattern: Knotty Gloves by Julia Meuller
Yarn: Rio De La Plata sock yarn in Coral Rose
Needle: US1
Mods: None, aside from dropping a needle size (I'm learning that as a thrower, my knitting is a little loose, so I often need to go down a needle or two to get gauge). Oh, I did make the fingers longer, as we Wilsons have loooong fingers and toes.

I liked this pattern and plan to knit Julia's Entangled for myself when I wrap up Holiday Gift Knitting (hereafter referred to as HKG). My original plan for this yarn had been socks for my grandmother, as she told me the Amy March Slippers I knit her for Mother's Day never even went in the drawer but right onto her feet. But then I heard some felting stories from folks who had knit socks with this supposedly superwash yarn only to end up with ornaments and didn't want that to happen. So for HKG I may knit Grandma a pair of socks from my STR stash.

Yes, I may knit socks. In fact I'm knitting myself a pair now, and it's not as tedious as I thought. I'm doing toe-up with Judy's Magic Cast On and plan to do a short row heel. The yarn is some gorgeous Madeline Tosh in the Twilight colorway from Purl Diva.

Tomorrow I'll try to blog the Surprise Jacket and Bootees for my nephew, but Penelope has had a cold, so it's a piecrust promise: Easily made, easily broken. Wish me luck.

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