29 October 2008


It's finally gotten chilly here in New York. We even had wet, windy weather yesterday, which called for woolen items on all extremities. (including wrapping an alpaca silk blanket around the sleeping-baby-in-a-sling (no way was I going to take her out of the sling, thus waking her up, to get her into a warmer individual get-up - we've had a rough few days here with the little one) to take Isobel to school. And poor Isobel has a cold (the oozy kind with a goopy cough), though she seems in good spirits most of the time.

Not a lot of knitting around here, which, of course, doesn't help my mood. In doing the multitudes of laundry lately, I get to spend time *near* my stash (it's in a bookcase across from the washer/dryer) but no time with it, though I hear various skeins calling out. I am about two thirds of the way up the front of my niece's Aran sweater, and once that's done I can get cracking on some birthday (Isobel) and Christmas (everyone else) knitting. The second sock has turned into subway knitting reserved for Thursday evenings when I go to my writing class.

Oh, in an "only in New York" moment, Isobel was scouted by a talent agency assistant Sunday on the subway, though the young woman said she usually works with five and ups, so we have a little time.

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  1. It's gotten cold here as well (and rainy - I'm sure you have heard about Game 5 of the World Series), which is actually OK with me. I don't like the rain that much, but I love cooler temperatures.

    Wow - the talent scout talked to you about Isobel even with her cold??? I see her name in lights on Broadway someday ... ;-)


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