08 August 2008

Spouse Meme

I first saw this one on Carol's blog yesterday; Ellen and Margene posted entries today, so I had to jump on the bandwagon.

Me: What is your favorite thing about my knitting?
Nick: [Laughs.] I'm in favor of any and all solitary pastimes and love the notion of craft. Plus it's fun to watch you make stuff.

Me: What is your least favorite thing about my knitting?
N: When you knit in the car and make me carsick just thinking about it. [N.B. He's driving.]

Me: What is something I have knitted, that you recall as good?
N: The scarf you made me for Christmas.

Me: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
N: What, are you kidding? Of course not.

Me: Do you have a stash of any kind?
N: Oh, yes. [Books everywhere!]

Me: Have I ever embarrassed you, knitting in public?
N: No.

Me: Do you know my favorite kind of yarn?
N: Absolutely not. My mind is a blank when it comes to fabric.

Me: Can you name another blog?
N: Well, there's Ravelry.

Me: Ravelry's not a blog.
N: Ellen has a blog, right? [Purl Diva's shop blog]

Me: Do you mind my wanting to stop at knit shops wherever we go?
N: No.

Me: Do you understand the importance of a swatch?
N: I think so. [Sort of.]

Me: Do you read my blog?
N: Yes, I do. Check it every day. I don't understand it most of the time...

Me: Have you ever left a comment?
N: No. Not being a knitter, that would be inappropriate. [Silly, no?]

Me: Do you think the house would be cleaner if I didn't knit?
N: No, it would be much dirtier. What would you do with your time? You'd find a hobby that took up much more time, like sculpture or painting.

Me: Anything you'd like to add?
N: I consider myself a fan of knitting from a distance. A well-wisher, as it were. [I keep trying to convince him to start knitting socks, since I love the idea of handknitted socks but have yet to knit any for me.]

In knitting content, I finished my grandmother's first glove and cast on the second. A good blocking will tidy things up, so you won't see the orange cabled wonder(s) until I finish the second. FOs are much more fun to photograph than UFOs.


  1. Nick sounds like a keeper to me!

    And do you really want him to learn to knit? I have never encouraged Tim because I like having one thing all to myself, that he can't do ...

  2. Wow I'm so honored that my blog was on Nick's radar!


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