27 August 2008

FO: Lace Gloves

Pattern: Women's Lace Gloves [Ravel it.]
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Lace in red (yarn doubled, almost the entire skein)
Needle: US0

I think I had more fun making these than is, strictly speaking, allowed. They were a birthday present for my friend and former roomie Annie who loves red. I much preferred knitting with the laceweight alpaca held double than I had working with it in its single form on last month's shawl. So, no mods, no complaints, and I really liked the little picot edge at the base of the lace (back of hand) section, as well as the YOs for the thumb gusset increases - very ladylike. I highly recommend this pattern. And I heard from Annie that they fit!


  1. what a beautiful gift. they are lovely!

  2. Hey babe, you need to change your profile... HOW many little girls?


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