07 October 2015

What's your Style-Personality?

So, this is kind of fun - Myers-Briggs for style: The Cut's Style-Personality Quiz

XCRI, Kathleen Dames-style
Upon the Spanish Main, An Aran for Frederick, Thistle Leaf Pullover

XCRI: Maximalist, Consistent, Romantic, Individualistic
You're a rare bird, XCRI. Your style is feminine and sweeping, full of grand gestures, but it's not something that changes a lot from year to year. You have a uniform, and that uniform is dramatic. More power to you.
And my thoughts on this assessment...
  1. Not sure anyone who knows me IRL would think of me as a Maximalist (hello, jeans and t-shirt/sweater), but I do kind of wish I could sweep around in grand ball skirts all day.
  2. Many thanks to St. Joseph's for inculcating a love of uniform dressing. 
  3. My only quibble is the opposition of Romantic and Intellectual. I'm both!
  4. Individualistic? Of course! I'm me ;)
So, after looking at all the other personalities (click on the "already know your type" bar - the resulting page has all the personalities down the left side), I feel like I swing between Minimalist and Maximalist, in addition to the Romantic/Intellectual dichotomy. But I'm definitely not a Trend Enthusiast, nor am I Adventurous in the Avant Garde fashion sense.

While this is sort of a silly exercise, it's also interesting to see if what we think about ourselves translates into how we present ourselves. Maybe I will invest in a big ol' skirt...

Go take the test! Then come back and tell me what your Style-Personality type is in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!


  1. I took the quiz before my coffee kicked in this morning....and got the same type as you. Your influence is strong, apparently!

  2. here in Canada remember Pierre's cape? And whether you liked Pierre Trudeau's politics or not... you have to admit that man was seriously cool. Lifestyle


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