07 October 2015

What's your Style-Personality?

So, this is kind of fun - Myers-Briggs for style: The Cut's Style-Personality Quiz

XCRI, Kathleen Dames-style
Upon the Spanish Main, An Aran for Frederick, Thistle Leaf Pullover

XCRI: Maximalist, Consistent, Romantic, Individualistic
You're a rare bird, XCRI. Your style is feminine and sweeping, full of grand gestures, but it's not something that changes a lot from year to year. You have a uniform, and that uniform is dramatic. More power to you.
And my thoughts on this assessment...
  1. Not sure anyone who knows me IRL would think of me as a Maximalist (hello, jeans and t-shirt/sweater), but I do kind of wish I could sweep around in grand ball skirts all day.
  2. Many thanks to St. Joseph's for inculcating a love of uniform dressing. 
  3. My only quibble is the opposition of Romantic and Intellectual. I'm both!
  4. Individualistic? Of course! I'm me ;)
So, after looking at all the other personalities (click on the "already know your type" bar - the resulting page has all the personalities down the left side), I feel like I swing between Minimalist and Maximalist, in addition to the Romantic/Intellectual dichotomy. But I'm definitely not a Trend Enthusiast, nor am I Adventurous in the Avant Garde fashion sense.

While this is sort of a silly exercise, it's also interesting to see if what we think about ourselves translates into how we present ourselves. Maybe I will invest in a big ol' skirt...

Go take the test! Then come back and tell me what your Style-Personality type is in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!


  1. I took the quiz before my coffee kicked in this morning....and got the same type as you. Your influence is strong, apparently!


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