15 April 2015

Mother's Day ideas: Upon the Spanish Main

Are you planning to knit something special for Mother's Day? How about Upon the Spanish Main - a pretty, wide-triangle shawl with a deep lace border (charted and written versions included). You will only need one skein of sock yarn (maybe that special one? the one with some cashmere and/or silk? you know the one) to create your own version of this lacy beauty.

Upon the Spanish Main is worked from the top-center out. The deep border of Spanish Lace (often called Frost Flowers) is worked on both sides, but the pattern is easier to master than you might think. I was intimidated by this one for years, but once I started working it, I realized that it made a lot of sense and the rows flowed from one to the next with only one big change when you switched from the leafy part to the openwork part. I promise that you can knit this one! I've even charted and written it out, so you've now run out of excuses. Go get that special yarn and get knitting ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!
xoxo, Kathleen

P.S. Looking for something not-so-lacy? Find more shawls here.

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