05 July 2011

eBook: Avast No. 1


Yo, ho ho and a ... new pattern booklet.

Now available on Ravelry and Etsy, my first pattern ebook! Avast No. 1 contains patterns with notes and charts (where necessary) for eight piratical knits suitable for summer (or any) time knitting.

Aphros - a laceweight shawl - one skein, one needle
Babe in the Mist - baby blanket that is pretty to look at and fun to work
Captain Austen's Scarf - seaweed scarf with hand-knotted fringe
Deckhand - child's boatneck sweater worked in cool and easy-care cotton
Mermaid's Mitts - pretty little bits of lace
Night Watch Cap - Turn of the Glass twisted ribs make a cozy hat
Walk the Plank - worsted weight socks worked from the toe up
Wench - linen pullover perfect for summer

Fibers like linen and cotton are great for summer knitting, as is laceweight wool. And if you don't want to give up worsted weight yarns, there are smaller accessory patterns so you don't end up with a pile of wool in your lap - I can't tell you how happy I was to finish my Austen Knits project at the end of May, just a things were starting to heat up here in New York.

I've done my best to describe things clearly, providing both charts and written out patterns where I can, and including lots of helpful notes in every pattern. If you can knit and purl, I am confident you can create any and all of these projects, and if you get stuck, I'm always available to help!

There are 24 pages for all eight patterns, letter size, and, as always, I've set things up so that you don't have to print the cover pages with all the "pretty" pictures, just the notes and pattern pages (sometimes the same page) to take with you in your project bag. There is a list of abbreviations at the beginning, but I've also included them in each pattern as needed, so you don't have to refer to the entire booklet. While the booklet is full-color, the patterns can be printed in black-and-white without losing any valuable information.

To be of even more help, I'm going to set up a Group on Ravelry to help with my 17 (seventeen? when did that happen?!) patterns, perhaps start a KAL or two, and generally get to know more knitters. I'll post the details once I know them and hope you'll join me.

Avast No. 1: eight patterns for piratical knitters
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  1. Congrats on the ebook! The patterns look great and I love Penelope in her little stripes, angry or not :-) Looks like it was a lovely beach you spent the day on too....


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