25 June 2011


Greetings from beautiful Maui! We've had a lovely week here, lots of swimming in the pool, enjoying the sun before it gets too intense (Isobel got a light sunburn on her nose and cheeks on day two - very mild, and we've been extra-vigilant everywhere/when else since). I do wish we could just buy a vat of zinc and titanium dioxide and dip everyone in it a few times a day.

As you may have seen on Ravelry the other day, I've released half of the patterns for my first booklet, Avast No. 1, and the other half should be ready to go next week (a couple are out for tech edit, and I need a few more photographs for the other two - my smallest model is proving somewhat recalcitrant, and there is no arguing with a two-year-old, however close to three). So, I will be blogging about Wench, Night Watch Cap, Aphros, and the reissue of Captain Austen's Scarf over the next few days.

If you can't wait until the booklet is released and buy a pattern now, I will be happy to send you a coupon for the pattern price off the book. But that offer will only be good for people who buy individual patterns before the booklet is available.

In the meantime, Aloha! from Isobel, Stephen, and me - Nick was behind the camera, and Penelope was sitting at on the steps down to the beach complaining about the sand.

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