11 January 2010

What I'm working on

This lovely Swan's Island Organic Fingering weight yarn has been waiting patiently in the stash since the end of the summer for me to come up with the right project. And I think I've come up with it! This is a shaped pullover in King Charles Brocade. I'm working it from the bottom up and have just gotten to the armscye, so now I'm going to do the sleeves. I was trying to cast on provisionally for the sleeves, but then I remembered the last time I knit the sleeves from the shoulder down. I found it really annoying to have the whole sweater OTN. Plus, I'm not yet sure how I am going to work out the pattern where the sleeves meet the body. Now I'll have more time to figure it out.

I am in love with the yarn! Knitting this on US3s is just a pleasure, and I kind of don't want it to end. But when it does, I have plenty more projects to keep me busy. Don't look at my queue, it's ridiculous and doesn't even include most of the free patterns I highlighted last month -- those are mostly still "faves"! Hopefully, when I'm done, this will be as pretty as it is in my mind. If it is, I'll write up the pattern.

In "professional" news someone else got the University job I interviewed for last month. It would have been a good job near home and the kids' schools, upstairs from the Starbucks, and the rest of the big kids' tuitions would have been covered (talk about a benefit!), but they went with someone else (their loss, as my family and friends keep reminding me). However, it looks like I may start some freelance work for my former boss/mentor. She's pretty amazing, and it will be great to work with her again. So, that's probably going to keep me busy, which is what I need!

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  1. sorry about the job, but it sounds like Plan B is pretty good too.. And amazing project there on the needles! Size 3s?????


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