05 November 2009


Safari: Home page

Safari: User home screen

Safari: Search results screen

These are screen shots of the original user interface for Safari: O'Reilly Books Online (now Safari Books Online, as other publishers have come on board to add their content to this online interface). I worked with the development team in Belgium and the East and West Coast offices of O'Reilly to come up with the interface back in 1999-2000.

This was such an interesting project to work on because I not only had to reinforce the O'Reilly identity but take it into a new online realm. I also had to think about how different readers/users would want to work with our material online. Luckily, my earlier experience in educational publishing came in handy, where I had learned about different modes of learning. And my years working with Edie Freedman, Creative Director extraordinaire helped, too.

From here I went on to work for Gomez.com, largely in the GomezPro division, designing online tools for customers, including a tool to create online surveys, which was, again, interesting, as I had to think of all the different kinds of questions users would want to ask and then figure out the best design for those elements. I am looking through my archives for design samples from my Gomez days and will post what I find.

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