18 June 2008

FO: Celtic Cardigan

The kit of deliciousness

The pre-washed product

Et voila!

Pattern: Celtic Cardigan (Ravelry link) by Fleece Artist (the lovely people who brought us the Yarn Harlot's Garter Stitch Jacket)
Yarn: Scotian Silk in Seashore (I think - unlabeled as to colorway - gorgeous blue mixed with silver, gold, and bronze); kit purchased at Purl Diva
Needle: US10
Size: S/M
Mods: None.

This was a super quick knit, especially post-Dad's vest (sport weight yarn for a man who's 6'4"), thanks to large-ish needles and an interesting construction technique. It's all in one piece. You start at one side "seam", knit around the back, then the front on one side, then you go back, pick up and knit the other front. And then you pick up for each sleeve and knit down. I'm still unsure of the sleeve length - it's bracelet-y, which I like now, but Summer starts this weekend, so I may feel differently come December. I have enough yarn left to make another sweater, so I can certainly add to the sleeves, especially as they are knit down to the cuff.

Again, apologies for the lack of model shot. I will rectify that someday. I included the image with my Cubs cap to give a sense of scale pre-blocking. This one grows a bit, as has been mentioned on Ravelry. And apologies that some of the pics are a little blurry - you can see the cool stitch pattern nicely in the last one, though.

This yarn is awesome! I loved watching the color progression with each stitch and row. You have to use a circular or swing needle with this project as you knit each row twice, which added to the construction interest. And, of course, this yarn has silk in it, which just makes it even better. I should probably rename the blog "Silky" instead of "Purly".

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