08 May 2008

FO: Amy March's Slippers

Blogger seems to be behaving badly when it comes to pictures. I'll update this post when it comes around.
ETA: All better! (Assuming you can see the photo.)

Pattern: Amy March's Slippers from Tinyowlknits [Ravelry Download]
Yarns: Lamb's Pride Bulky in Strawberry Smoothie (two pair from one skein!), Malabrigo Worsted (doubled) in Ladrillo (orange) and Bobby blue (teal)
Needle: US10
Notions: Organza ribbon from M&J Trimming and pink satin ribbon from A.C. Moore
Techniques: Magic Cast-on for toe-up socks and a short-row heel

Thanks to bulky yarn (or worsted yarn held double) I can now whip one of these out in about an hour! It did take some time to turn the short-row heel at first, mainly because I wasn't reading the directions properly (d'oh). I'm psyched to have added some toe-up techniques to my arsenal. Maybe I'll knit some socks yet.

So, these are Mother's Day presents: teal for Mom, orange for Grandma, and pink for my sister-in-law. I don't think any of them will visit the blog in the next few days.


  1. What cute little slippers and thanks for the link to the pattern, I haven't seen those yet!

  2. These are too cute! What a great gift idea. I should make these for Christmas presents.


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